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Securing Your Office Building: 5 Essential Entrance Security Solutions

5 Entrance Security Solutions designed to secure your office building including an in-depth look at their core functionalities and benefits.

Entrance Control | Office Building

4 minute read

Protecting data centres by layering physical security

Discover the importance of creating a bespoke physical security solution for the protection of data centres and the value of the data they host.

data centre | data center | critical infrastructure

3 minute read

Airport automation a run-a-way success for Swedavia

Innovative technologies are revolutionising the potential of airports across the world. Swedavia airport in particular recognised a golden opportunity to increase the value of...

automated boarding gates | airport automation

3 minute read

Why airports are using automated boarding gates

Discover why airports are using automated boarding gates to revolutionize transport. Explore innovations in airport security with Gunnebo.

Airport Security | automated boarding gates

4 minute read

Critical Infrastructure Security in Data Centres

Improving critical infrastructure protection and the physical security of high-risk sites is a crucial factor in the overall modernisation of security in data centres – and not...

Munich Airport implements biometric screening for secure ID control

Speedy and convenient biometric screening using facial recognition means you no longer have to show your boarding pass at Munich Airport Terminal 2. Simply walk up to the gate,...

Facial Recognition | Biometric Screening

5 minute read

New full height turnstile range achieves three-level LPS certification

Especially suitable for high security environments and critical infrastructure, Gunnebo release this new and robust range of full height turnstiles to the market.

Security for Industrial and High-Risk Sites | full height turnstile

2 minute read

The Gunnebo Group acquires the entrance control company HC2

Gunnebo Group has acquired the Italian entrance control company HC2, a producer of high security entrance solutions and customized gates for the retail industry.

Entrance Control | Retail | acquisition 

2 minute read

Remote Security in the Physical Workplace

With more businesses introducing flexible working hours from home or from the office for their employees, organisations are having to adjust to a rapid change in traditional work...

Office Building | Remote Connectivity | Access Control

5 minute read

The Arrival of Smart Gates and Remote Connectivity apps

EntraLinq – the innovative remote monitoring app for smart access control has landed; changing the way that building security is managed to provide greater flexibility and insight.

Office Building | Remote Connectivity | Access Control |

3 minute read

4 Ways to Improve Public Transport

This blog investigates how public transport can be optimized for better user and transport operator satisfaction, safety and security.

Entrance Control | Metro Systems | Public transport

6 minute read

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