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The Gunnebo Group acquires the entrance control company HC2

Gunnebo Group has acquired the Italian entrance control company HC2, a producer of high security entrance solutions and customized gates for the retail industry.

Entrance Control | Retail | acquisition 

2 minute read

Remote Security in the Physical Workplace

With more businesses introducing flexible working hours from home or from the office for their employees, organisations are having to adjust to a rapid change in traditional work...

Office Building | Remote Connectivity | Access Control

5 minute read

The Arrival of Smart Gates and Remote Connectivity apps

EntraLinq – the innovative remote monitoring app for smart access control has landed; changing the way that building security is managed to provide greater flexibility and insight.

Office Building | Remote Connectivity | Access Control |

3 minute read

4 Ways to Improve Public Transport

This blog investigates how public transport can be optimized for better user and transport operator satisfaction, safety and security.

Entrance Control | Metro Systems | Public transport

6 minute read

The IoT, smart buildings and smarter security

The use of IoT in smart buildings and site security is explored to determine its impact on the developing architecture, construction and engineering industries.

Entrance Control | Remote Connectivity | IoT

4 minute read

Public Transport & The Customer Experience

The speed of your vehicles, the price of your tickets, and the convenience of your timetable are all factors that customers look for from their public transport provider.

Metro Systems | Public transport | Occupancy Management

4 minute read

EntraLinq | Gunnebo Launches Office Security Gate Monitoring App

Gunnebo Entrance Control today announced the launch of EntraLinq, a new software as a service (SaaS) application providing remote monitoring and control of office building...

Entrance Control | Occupancy Management | Office Building |

2 minute read

The Importance of Sustainable Mobility

Sustainability is a growing concern across many industries, including public transport, as more and more people become conscious of their environmental impact.

Metro Systems | Public transport | Occupancy Management

3 minute read

Gunnebo delivers Infection Control Access Solutions to Samsung Nordics

Gunnebo Entrance Control has delivered its new infection control and occupancy management systems to Samsung offices across the Nordics, as demand grows for safe working...

Infection Control | Occupancy Management | Office Building

1 minute read

Gunnebo and IEG partner to deliver self-service touchless eGates for lounges

Gunnebo are working together with IEG to implement touchless eGate solutions for lounges at the airport as part of their 2021 reopening strategy.

Airport Security

5 minute read

Gunnebo pilot facial recognition e-gates at Salvador Airport

Gunnebo's airport security gates installed with facial biometric technology will be used for passenger boarding in the capital of Bahia; procedure will be 100% automated.

Airport Security

3 minute read

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