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Stop Covid-19 at the Door Gunnebo Launches Infection Control Gates

Covid-19 can be stopped right at the entrance to office buildings, schools, hospitals, factories and in public transportation using the hi-tech infection control products launched...

Stay Home Stay Safe | infection control

1 minute read

The cycle of Covid-19 in China

In this blogpost we will analyse the cycle of the Coronavirus in China, we will share our experience and comment on how Gunnebo Entrance Control in Kunshan handled Covid-19 and...

Entrance Control | Stay Home Stay Safe

6 minute read

How Gunnebo are working remotely and staying connected.

This blog aims to outline how Gunnebo as a team has responded to the COVID-19 outbreak, how coronavirus has affected our usual workflow, and how various measures, adaptations and...

Entrance Control | Stay Home Stay Safe

3 minute read

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