Protecting data centres by layering physical security

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Discover the importance of creating a bespoke physical security solution for the protection of data centres and the value of the data they host.

In the digital age, data centres are the silent guardians of our connected world, standing as the backbone of our modern enterprises, communication networks, and daily routines. 

These facilities host an incredible wealth of information and infrastructure, powering our businesses, driving innovation, and enabling seamless communication on a global scale. From financial transactions to streaming services, and from healthcare records to critical research data, data centres are at the heart of it all.

With the escalating significance and value of the data they host, the need for optimum uptime operations is clear.  Any security threat, including the potential for hackers to physically access a site, is likely to have an impact.

Gunnebo Entrance Control | data centre

How to create a bespoke security solution for data centres:

The foundation of security involves a risk assessment from which an initial specification is developed to ensure the security of a data centre. It's about creating a robust security plan that can adapt, be built upon and evolve as sites grow and threats change. 

Key considerations include the physical location of security to blend with the surroundings and integrate with access control measures, both physical and digital, to limit entry to only authorised personnel throughout a site.

But it's not enough to design a secure data centre, a proactive approach is required. The landscape of cybersecurity is in constant flux, and physical security must adapt in line, with continuous maintenance and monitoring to ensure evolving security risks are prevented.

What else must data centre managers consider when considering high-performance security?

Evolving Threats: New threats and vulnerabilities emerge regularly. Continuous monitoring allows for the prompt identification of security risks and vulnerabilities.

Preventative Maintenance: Regular inspections and maintenance ensure that security systems, remain in optimal working condition.

Compliance: Many industries have stringent security compliance requirements. Regular monitoring and maintenance help data centres stay compliant with these regulations.

Incident Response: In the unfortunate event of a security breach or physical threat, having a well-maintained security system can facilitate swift and effective incident response.

Technological Advancements: Security technology evolves rapidly. Regular maintenance enables data centres to take advantage of the latest advancements and keep security measures up to date.

Scalability: As the requirements and size of data centres grow, it is important that security measures can be expanded to meet the new requirements across a complete site.

Peace of Mind: Continuous maintenance and monitoring provide peace of mind, not only to data centre owners but also to those who have invested in the safe storage of their data.

The Key to Success in Partnership with Gunnebo

By taking a holistic approach to the use of security technology right from the initial design phase and committing to continuous maintenance and monitoring, data centres can optimise their defences against evolving threats and protect the digital foundation upon which our interconnected world relies. 

As the digital age progresses, Gunnebo is working in partnership with Data Centre operators across the globe, to improve critical infrastructure protection and the physical security of high-risk sites.

With a commitment to innovation and precision engineering, using the latest Gunnebo entrance control technology can increase security, future-proof buildings, and deliver automated, touchless efficiency.  

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Gunnebo Entrance Control | data centre

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