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Customized access control: Lifting the lobby to make that perfect first impression

First impressions can never be replaced, and they bear a large influence on our perception of everything. This is why the lobby and the welcoming factor that an office building...

Office Building

6 minute read

Revolutionising airports through touchless technology

The adoption of touchless technology in airports was on the rise pre-pandemic and is now further accelerated in the recovery period due to its infection control benefits in...

Airport Security

4 minute read

Gunnebo China awarded ISO Integrated Management System Certification

Gunnebo China is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the International Standard Organisation (ISO) Integrated Management System (IMS) Certification by DEKRA.

Entrance Control | Certification

2 minute read

How can entrance control assist with retail loss prevention?

In this blog we investigate the effects of suitable entrance control installed in stores and look at the impact it has on shrinkage, what the return of investment looks like with...

Retail Security | Entrance Control | Infection Control |

2 minute read

How retailers can maintain social distancing using entrance control.

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing has become an important and necessary adoption in order to prevent the spread of infection. Access control can automate...

Retail Security | Entrance Control | Infection Control |

2 minute read

The effects of Covid-19 on physical retail trends

Covid-19 has impacted the World in a significant number of ways. Retail is no exception. This blog investigates the trends of retail pre-Covid-19, to highlight what changes we see...

Retail Security | Infection Control | Occupancy Management |

3 minute read

Make Shopping Safer | Gunnebo Launches Social Distancing Manager for Retail

Shoppers can feel safe from Covid-19 in stores, supermarkets and malls using OccuLinq, the hi-tech occupancy management application launched today by Gunnebo, the Swedish global...

Infection Control | Occupancy Management | Retail

2 minute read

Automated health screening for offices and commercial buildings

As employees begin to go back to work, managers might consider how best to safeguard their team, and one method to determine fitness to work is to introduce health screening for...

Entrance Control | Infection Control | Office Building

3 minute read

Social Distancing Access Control Lane Layouts

The layouts of access control lanes situated inside the lobby should be reviewed with consideration of social distancing guidelines which are now so widespread and shaping our new...

Entrance Control | Infection Control | Office Building

5 minute read

Automation: How Access Control can help prevent infection

As the prevention of infection has quite rightly become imperative during the time of Covid-19, Gunnebo examines how automation can improve efficiency and day to day user...

Entrance Control | Infection Control | workplace

4 minute read

Infection control measures for workplace access in the ‘new normal’ office

At time of writing, Covid-19 isolation infection control measures are relaxing, and workplace management are making considerations of when to bring back their teams, what...

Infection Control | workplace

4 minute read

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