New full height turnstile range achieves three-level LPS certification

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Especially suitable for high security environments and critical infrastructure, Gunnebo release this new and robust range of full height turnstiles to the market.

Full height turnstile certified to LPS 1175 standards

With not one but three products to suit various levels of attack resistance, the RotaSec HS90L range has achieved the prestigious LPS 1175: Issue 8 security certification, proving its efficacy against intruder threat and attack.

The RotaSec HS90L2, L3 and L4 are independently and rigorously tested by a third party to LPCB loss prevention product standards - a globally recognised and trusted benchmark of resistance and unauthorised access for high security sites.

BRE Global Governing Body has undertaken the testing under strict conditions to withstand intruder attack. Gunnebo is pleased to confirm that the complete range of HS90L full height turnstiles has hereby successfully met both the resistance and delay requirements appropriate to the level of certification.


LPCB Certification Gunnebo Entrance Control

This LPS standard identifies that the evaluation and testing practices as specified by LPCB confirm that:
• The product or service meets the standard;
• The manufacturer or service provider has staff, processes and systems in place to ensure that the product or service delivered meets the standard.


The RotaSec HS90L Full Height Turnstile
LPS series

Gunnebo Entrance Control RotaSec products

The product range involves three high security full-height turnstiles for internal or external installation, certified from B3 (SR2) up to D10 (SR4) and approved for sites that require a particularly secure defence against intruder attack. The higher security versions include greater reinforcements, offering improved resistance against higher end intruder tools.

The RotaSec HS90L uses a tried and trusted Gunnebo mechanism offering reliability of operation, an anti-corrosion finish for external applications and a unique design allowing visibility through the unit at all times.

Hand-operated with an electromechanical head, the HS90L comes with status lights and inner chamber downlighting as standard, with various options available including customised colour, card reader integration, pass left / right versions, available in kit form for ease of transport or available fully assembled.

The RotaSec HS90L2, L3 and L4 certifications are all officially listed within RedBook Live, with orders available now.

To discuss your requirements for resistance-certified, high security access control, contact one of our security experts.

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