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The Gunnebo Group acquires the entrance control company HC2

Gunnebo Group has acquired the Italian entrance control company HC2, a producer of high security entrance solutions and customized gates for the retail industry.

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2 minute read

How retailers can maintain social distancing using entrance control.

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing has become an important and necessary adoption in order to prevent the spread of infection. Access control can automate...

Retail Security | Entrance Control | Infection Control |

2 minute read

The effects of Covid-19 on physical retail trends

Covid-19 has impacted the World in a significant number of ways. Retail is no exception. This blog investigates the trends of retail pre-Covid-19, to highlight what changes we see...

Retail Security | Infection Control | Occupancy Management |

3 minute read

Make Shopping Safer | Gunnebo Launches Social Distancing Manager for Retail

Shoppers can feel safe from Covid-19 in stores, supermarkets and malls using OccuLinq, the hi-tech occupancy management application launched today by Gunnebo, the Swedish global...

Infection Control | Occupancy Management | Retail

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