Airport automation a run-a-way success for Swedavia

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Innovative technologies are revolutionising the potential of airports across the world. Swedavia airport in particular recognised a golden opportunity to increase the value of their customers and provide them with a better experience at the same time. 

With a projected increase of up to 8.2 billion worldwide aviation travellers by 2037, airports like Swedavia need to make sure they are well-equipped to handle the spike in foot traffic. A significant area where Swedavia airport identified an opportunity to drive efficiency was in their pre-security and boarding gate processes. The results of which speak for themselves.

Why did Swedavia invest in automating pre-security and boarding gates?

Customers are becoming less patient and demand slicker experiences in every industry, especially since the global pandemic. Today, the urgency to encourage passengers back to the skies means that airports must ensure their customer experiences are as smooth and seamless as possible.

In a highly automated world, leading airports have transformed into increasingly busy hubs of daily activity. In the past, slow security and boarding checks caused frustration for passengers, sometimes adding hours to journeys. 

Swedavia correctly identified pre-security and boarding checks as an opportunity to positively impact customer experiences at their airport. Since state-owned Swedavia implemented automated pre-security and boarding in 2014, passengers have enjoyed boarding times that are 20-30% faster than they were previously.



How did Swedavia Airport automate pre-security and boarding processes?

Swedavia Airport needed to quickly adapt, using their current infrastructure to revolutionise the customer experience at speed. Gunnebo’s sophisticated airport security gates integrated with former technologies, ensuring the process remained swift and therefore streamlining checkpoints. The airport is also looking to implement a digital biometric system for even greater efficiency to future-proof the aviation site.

It isn’t just Swedavia Airport that has noted the boost in customer satisfaction since the rollout of the new technology, either:

We can see from the passenger questionnaire that they are more content, with an 18% increase in reported customer satisfaction.” 
Susanne Strand | Passenger Process Manager Bromma Airport. 

Swedavia imageWhy Swedavia Airport reached out to Gunnebo

High levels of security are paramount, but that doesn’t have to mean inefficient processes that limit airport profitability and customer engagement. Automated passenger processing has been used to balance security and efficiency in recent years with rapid adoption worldwide. 

Gunnebo supports airports around the world to reduce their reliance on manual processing, freeing up transport hubs to focus on customer service and where their staff are needed most; it helps airports drive revenue potential, increasing the average time customers spend at retail outlets and limiting unprofitable queues. 

Customers flying through airports with automated security

Airports are in a prime position to take advantage of the opportunity of sophisticated, secure technology. With increasing levels of foot traffic expected in the coming decade, airports can’t afford to risk retaining inefficient processes.

Transform your airport’s commercial potential by reducing delays that harm your customer experience. Use automation to streamline your security touchpoint processes and bring happier customers spending more, for longer, into your airport.

Swedavia lounge

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