Gunnebo delivers Infection Control Access Solutions to Samsung Nordics

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Gunnebo Entrance Control has delivered its new infection control and occupancy management systems to Samsung offices across the Nordics, as demand grows for safe working conditions when employees return to work after the Covid pandemic.

Gunnebo’s OccuLinq and OccuSign solutions, designed to control occupancy in a given area, and H-Sense speedgates with body temperature and face mask detection, provide an automated solution to this challenge.



These technologies enable companies to control the amount of people within office or retail environments and ensure infection control requirements are adhered to.

Gunnebo has installed a range of these solutions at Samsung offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

Interest in Gunnebo’s infection control and occupancy management solutions has grown in the office and retail segments as the number of people infected by Covid-19 has increased again during recent months

With OccuLinq, you can set a limit for each floor within the office, or a maximum number of people in a conference room and other spaces within the office,” says Stefan Syrén, President & CEO.

“OccuLinq is the first in a series of versatile software applications to be launched by Gunnebo Entrance Control, enabling connected gates to provide services that support specific processes at the customer’s entrance. H-Sense is a family of screening solutions providing contactless and automated infection prevention and control functionalities.”

Please download one of the White Papers or contact to one of our expertes to know more about security, infection control and occupancy management 

Contact with an ExpertH-Sense White PaperOccuLinq White Paper



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