Customized access control: Lifting the lobby to make that perfect first impression

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First impressions can never be replaced, and they bear a large influence on our perception of everything. This is why the lobby and the welcoming factor that an office building portrays is so meaningful. Customized access control gates can play a critical part in the image your company portrays to its visitors.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and often, corporate customers would like bespoke designs to complement their buildings and/or brand identity. Gunnebo has a customization team who work collaboratively with the client to achieve the perfect look for their access control solution. ­­

There are a number of reasons why a customer will choose to customize their access control solution, and each one can provide a significant impression to visitors, employees, partners and stakeholders, whilst keeping them safe and secure:

  1. Blending the access control gates in the overall architecture to provide visual harmony is key.
  2. Welcoming your visitor while protecting them, essential.
  3. Reflecting your brand image through individuality of the design, a must.
  4. Making a statement or ingraining their visit in their memory, an advantage.

  1. Blending for visual harmony customizationFoto_1

The first type of customization that we often come across involves how to achieve visual harmony with the existing design and bespoke architecture of the building.

In a corporate world, aesthetics play an important and necessary role in business trade. Customized access control through blending means that the solution you choose can look flush and seamless within the existing environment. This ensures that the access control gates Gunnebo supplies look as much a part of the building as the architecture, furniture and designs within it.

As a result, access control needn’t be an eyesore, or look obvious in a finely designed environment, as all-round visual harmony can be achieved in the design of the gates in order that they echo the features of the lobby or entrance of the building and that the whole area blends together as one.



Dongjiadu Financial City Customer Case3X5A8712

One example of where blending through customization was at the core of the project is in Dongjiadu Financial City, Shanghai. The gate design was made to accent the silhouettes of the building and echo the rectilinear language of the surrounding structures of the area.

The bronze coloured metal and finish of the gates correlate with the existing interior design of the building, and complement the look and feel of the multiple levels on site; therefore providing an access control solution flush with the high-end interior of this professional office space.


2. Welcoming your visitor while protecting them.


Immagini_020 (1)You want your visitor to feel welcomed into your building, that they feel comfortable and secure. Firstly by ensuring appropriate access control gates are in place is the initial requirement in order to guarantee safety and protection, but also secondly, the gate layout, design and materials used can all be configured to provide the most effectual and reassuring entrance hall for your visitors.

All visitors enter through the same lobby, and the environment can have a lasting impression on a great number of people throughout the working day. Tailoring the access control you put in place is a powerful and symbolic component which will give visitors ideas and feelings about your company that will last as long as their memory of the visit.

User experience is becoming more and more prevalent in all areas of business, and concepts such as ergonomics, warmth, intuitive verification, ease of use, microbial and hypoallergenic materials and surfaces are all key considerations that entrance security specialists will be able to advise on when proposing solutions for welcoming visitors and employees into a given building.



3. Corporate identity customization


You have a defined corporate identity, including colours, logos and shapes. You would like to use these in all areas of the business to create a seamless, branded and unique style that displays who you are, and becomes instantly recognizable as deriving from the same organisation.

Gunnebo can take these assets and utilise them in the planning of your customized access control package, suggesting design ideas that provide that tell-tale sign of visual identity. 



By colouring the pallet, chamfering that edge, implementing appropriately coloured lighting or placing the logo you use in your marketing and branding, Gunnebo gates can offer a bespoke customization plan that ensures complete 360-degree organisation identification. You’ve gone to the hard work of creating your defined corporate identity, why not go the extra mile to place this in your access control strategy too.


4. Making a statement with access control

The gates you choose don’t need to be the same as everyone else, you can really tailor access control to make that lasting impression. The look and design of the gates can have specialist features and components that make it stand out.

A visitor who comes away from a company site featuring truly bespoke access control will have the memory to serve them of the individuality of the company. This high attention to detail that the company chose to echo throughout their building and assets is highly likely to be discussed with other professionals and word of mouth used to spread the word of this niche statement made with their security solution.

One of the most visual examples of making a statement with access control was Gunnebo’s partnership with Sony PlayStation headquarters which took features of the company’s product and incorporated it into the gate surface for an instantly familiar feature that provides a talking point with all visitors.



medium_Sony-PS-OS720-02Sony PlayStation Customer Case

The symbols of the PlayStation controllers are universally recognizable, and our customer Sony took this opportunity to place their symbols on the reader of their access control gates, installed within the Sony PlayStation Headquarters in a truly bespoke, corporate identity design.

The background also being in black, again a nod to the colour of the console and controllers themselves. Sleek, professional and niche, this requested design hit the brief and created a visual distinction of a worldwide recognized brand.

The result? A cool, seamless and striking access control solution - fitting for one of the World’s leading gaming providers.



Customized access control is impressive to all who visit – colleagues who can take pride in the place that they work, entering a welcoming and smart-looking lobby each morning. Visitors and industry professionals who come through the building entrance can be inspired by the high attention to detail. As such, an impressive, sleek lobby can encourage business relationships and trade interactions to take place.


To discuss your building and company requirements with our specialist team and discover what is possible in terms of customization for a seamless, bespoke solution to access control, get in touch here.
If you're not quite sure which access control solution suits your environment, download our comparison guide which takes you through the various product types, their uses and their advantages.

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