How can entrance control assist with retail loss prevention?

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In this blog we investigate the effects of suitable entrance control installed in stores and look at the impact it has on shrinkage, what the return of investment looks like with a real world case study, and how loss prevention strategies can be fortified by selecting the appropriate security for your store.

Entrance control as a deterrent

Full panel speed gate

Access control placed at the entrance firstly provides a clear visual indicator of theft control measures that act as a deterrent to potential shoplifters. In implementing access control at the store front, it is clear from the outset that security and loss prevention measures are active and prevalent, potentially preventing opportunists from illegal and damaging activity by simply being present. Our past blog on the 4 Ds of security can provide further information on the concepts of better security.


One-way traffic and wrong-way detection

Access control gates enforce a one-way traffic system into the store, which means due to wrong-way detection, thieves cannot run in, grab goods and leave through the same way that they entered. Anyone entering the store must then move through the store in order to exit. Not a problem for paying customers, but an obstacle for thieves who will identify an opportunity to grab and run with valued goods. Should someone attempt to leave as another enters through the gates, an alarm will sound, alerting store staff of the wrong-way passage attempt.

Gate design for loss prevention

Shoplifter icon


Full panel speed gates by their design provide increased protection against unauthorized access. The glass barriers integrated into the gates leave little room between the panel barrier and the floor, so are difficult to pass under and high enough that they cannot be jumped over; therefore are an appropriate obstacle to stop even the most athletic or determined shoplifter.


Loss prevention in action


In Nordic countries who have adopted Gunnebo Entrance Control for their roll-out of retail stores, they have seen a remarkable return on the investment of speed gates to reduce their shrinkage rates. The New Generation Entrance Gate has over the past years been successfully installed at over 100 stores in the Nordics, with an impressive track-record of a ROI in 6 months. In stopping shoplifting in its tracks, store owners can see a more profitable store, with less shrinkage and a good return on their security investment.

Safety, security and loss prevention are all very important benefits when considering entrance control for retail stores. Speed gates are often advised in this environment due to their robust nature, as well as their high flow rate. Gunnebo speed gates are contactless in operation, providing increased infection control measures, and a welcoming, user-friendly entrance for customers.

Infection  Prevention & Control in the retail environment

Occupancy management applications can also be used in conjunction for automated infection control, effective social distancing and automatically maintaining optimum occupancy levels within the store.


To discover more on how security solutions can be implemented for an effective and profitable store, please read our recent white paper on security in the retail environment.

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