The cycle of Covid-19 in China

Suyanto Salim
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In this blogpost we will analyse the cycle of the Coronavirus in China, we will share our experience and comment on how Gunnebo Entrance Control in Kunshan handled Covid-19 and the effects of the virus.

The general situation in China is improving daily and this is reflected in Gunnebo Entrance Control where we are now operating at full capacity at our factory in Kunshan, China. Our employees are back at work. There are still restrictions in place to ensure the safety of our employees, but we can now start to see that in time we will return to normal working conditions. This brings a feeling of positivity to everyone at the Gunnebo Entrance Control factory in Kunshan, China.

Communication is key

In a crisis like this, it is hard to find the clarity you are looking for if the situation is ambiguous, and information is constantly changing. Confusion is all around, exacerbated further by media reports. In these troublesome times, news travels fast and the same goes for fake news. It is hard to know what to expect in uncertain times. Employees need to adapt to a new way of working; in some cases, it is about working from home, read the full blog post here: How Gunnebo are working remotely and staying connected.  

Kunshan Covid19

For some it is business as usual, but with additional safety regulations. For employees to adap to their new routines, they need to have clear direction and consistent information.

This COVID-19 outbreak has had a profound impact on people’s lives. In times like this it is critical that people know that they are being taken care of, that leadership is present, and that we will win the battle together; as a team.


Our Product Manager at Kunshan Factory, Jimmy Yuan, explains how this was done at our factory in Kunshan.

We contacted our employees on a daily basis to know the status, not only of the worker, but their family as well” - Jimmy Yuan 

Furthermore, it is not only internal communication that is important, but also, the communication with other stakeholders; the government being one integral example. Our factory in Kunshan was one of the first plants to open in China after the lock down. And the reason for this was our close communication with the Chinese Government. This close dialogue made it possible for Gunnebo Entrance Control to swiftly re-open our plant and go back to business, and help make the world a safer place.

Communication with clients is also vital. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our factory in Kunshan has tried to keep all stakeholders informed about the progress and how orders will be processed; sharing an openness about the situation and how we are working to deliver their products, while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our employees.

Instant reaction & kind actions

On the day that the first infection case in Kunshan was reported, Gunnebo held an emergency meeting and set up actions to prevent infection, and these are applicable to this date.



“When I look back at the progress of the Covid-19 outbreak, I can say we are lucky that we gave it so much thought, paid it high attention and took immediate actions at the very early stages of the outbreak.”  - Dai Yun, HR Manager

An example of this is the protection masks. As the worldwide demand increases, stock is hard or impossible to find. The Gunnebo Factory in Kunshan acted quickly and purchased protection masks.
These protection masks have been of great importance, and now that the problems in China have been decreasing, our Kunshan factory has been very keen to pay this forward and help others. Kunshan has sent face masks to our other factory in Lavis in Northern Italy, where the masks are impossible to buy currently. In Italy the Coronavirus has hit hard.
Kunshan facemasks to Italy
Our Finance & HR Manager at Lavis, Italy, Alessandra Montesardo says that the support from Gunnebo Colleagues has been flooding in. Particularly from colleagues in China. Since the first day that the coronavirus outbreak reached Italy, Alessandra has been receiving messages of support from colleagues in Kunshan.
"I have been so impressed by our colleagues from China, every day they have sent messages. They encourage us every day to AlessandraMkeep strong and safe. I look at China and I see hope that it is just a question of time, that the situation will improve if we all stay isolated." - Alessandra Montesardo 
These boxes were sent with protection masks to Lavis, on the boxes it has been written in italian "When friends call, there is no waiting to tomorrow"
Furthermore, our factory in Kunshan has sent face masks to one of our key suppliers to help them in resuming their operations, since it would be impossible for them to carry out operations without these protection masks. It is essential that we work closely with our partners and suppliers and help those in need. If we would not have shared our stock of facemasks, our supplier would not have been able to provide necessary parts for our production which would have affected our lead time and our customers.

Focussing on our own area of expertise

In a situation like this, everybody is tempted to know everything and to be involved in the decision-making. However, it could be counter-productive as it distracts them from focusing on their work. By trusting others to make decisions, gives the peace of mind to focus on our own work and continued support to customers. 

By placing a on our own area of expertise we could make sure orders were processed in good time, and our clients could receive their orders as soon as possible given the circumstances. 

Follow safety regulations and restrictions

Some safety measures might seem excessive, but our experience through this time has been that it is worth it. Better safe than sorry has been a lead mantra through this.

One example of such a safety regulation was monitoring and measuring body temperature twice a day. It rose the question if it was entirely necessary? Would one time be enough? However, the measure encouraged people to be aware of their own condition and not to come to work if they felt unwell.

By following safety regulations and advice, and implementing restrictions, Gunnebo hopes to keep employees and their families safe, and furthermore, help reduce the spreading of this virus so we can swiftly resume our business activity, and provide further security solutions to our clients.


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