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Raphael Roy

Raphael Roy
Raphael Roy is VP Global Business Development & Marketing at Gunnebo Entrance Control. With over 20 years of experience in entrance control solutions, Raphael is a specialist in the challenges faced by airports and airlines. He focuses on implementing passenger process automation solutions around the world and always has one eye on the future technologies that will be part of the next generation of airports.

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Revolutionising airports through touchless technology

The adoption of touchless technology in airports was on the rise pre-pandemic and is now further accelerated in the recovery period due to its infection control benefits in...

Airport Security

4 minute read

Make Shopping Safer | Gunnebo Launches Social Distancing Manager for Retail

Shoppers can feel safe from Covid-19 in stores, supermarkets and malls using OccuLinq, the hi-tech occupancy management application launched today by Gunnebo, the Swedish global...

Infection Control | Occupancy Management | Retail

2 minute read

Stop Covid-19 at the Door Gunnebo Launches Infection Control Gates

Covid-19 can be stopped right at the entrance to office buildings, schools, hospitals, factories and in public transportation using the hi-tech infection control products launched...

Infection Control

1 minute read

Security Systems for Commercial Buildings: Security Starts at the Entrance

Office lobbies and reception areas in commercial buildings have evolved dramatically during recent years. But one thing remains the same – you want your property to be secure.

Entrance Control | Security for Public and Commercial Buildings

2 minute read

One ID – Already Bringing Benefits to Airports, Airlines and Passengers

In the 18 months to July 2019, more than 250,000 British Airways customers experienced using their face instead of a passport or boarding pass to board a flight from the USA.

Entrance Control | Airport Security | OneID

2 minute read

Reducing Passenger Queues at Airports

Ask airline passengers and the majority will say that reducing queuing time in airports is the best improvement which could be made to their travel experience.

Entrance Control | Airport Security

2 minute read

Why Automation Is Key to Airport Efficiency

With passengers expected to almost double by 2035, providing adequate passage efficiency is a major challenge facing airports and airlines. This is where new technologies in...

Entrance Control | Airport Security

1 minute read

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