Make Shopping Safer | Gunnebo Launches Social Distancing Manager for Retail

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Shoppers can feel safe from Covid-19 in stores, supermarkets and malls using OccuLinq, the hi-tech occupancy management application launched today by Gunnebo, the Swedish global provider of smart access control solutions.

The new family of social distancing tools supports the smooth return to a safe shopping environment by providing automated occupancy control, ensuring the number of customers in a physical space never exceeds a maximum limit.

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OccuSign shows the customers if it is safe to enter, or if they need to wait. OccuLinq is the application in which business owners recieves real time data, designed for integration with OccuSense

With Gunnebo’s OccuLinq software, retail managers enjoy real-time data on customer numbers at their fingertips. When a maximum occupancy level is reached, gates lock temporarily until another customer has left the store, after which a new customer is free to enter. Automated customer flow maximises social distancing and thereby minimises infection risk.

The OccuLinq platform provides live occupancy data direct to a mobile phone app, tablet or PC screen. The app works in combination with:

  • OccuSense stereo cameras that count people without storing personal data, making them fully GDPR compliant.
  • OccuSign digital display to inform waiting customers of occupancy availability, while reassuring shoppers that the store takes their safety seriously
  • Access control speedgates that regulate the flow of customers.
  • Exit control to prevent shoplifters leaving the store without paying.

OccuLinq offers automatic adherence to social distancing occupancy guidelines and regulations. There is no need for staff at store entrances, while friction-free and transparent occupancy control also minimises possibilities for confrontation between customers and staff.

“We foresee increased demand for occupancy control solutions as the retail sector adapts to the new normal created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Launched in mid-May, our H-Sense range has already been a genuine success, supporting customers by ensuring efficient infection control on their premises. OccuLinq now offers efficient and user-friendly occupancy control processes linked to the right of access, ensuring that social distancing measures are properly and safely enforced,” says Robert Hermans, SVP Entrance Control, Gunnebo.

While OccuLinq is initially launched toward the retail market, we believe that OccuLinq will also provide important benefits to other market segments such as, museums, theatres, office buildings etc, during the re-opening phase and beyond.

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