Security Systems for Commercial Buildings: Design for Seamless Integration

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In our last blog post we talked about the bottom line – security. But this is not the only headache for facility managers. Organisations also care about interior design and how an entrance matches the rest of the property aesthetically and ergonomically.

Lobby areas have evolved enormously, moving from the narrow functions of registration and control towards large, open spaces where employees and visitors can feel comfortable and welcome.

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Many office buildings are embracing this new way of thinking by renewing their lobbies, and architects are increasingly demanding customised solutions that:

  • Ensure that security turnstiles match the building concept
  • Harmonise turnstile materials with the entrance aesthetic
  • Minimise the entrance control profile, enabling visitors and employees to pass swiftly and without inconvenience.

Receptions and lobbies, are areas full of life, and different people have different needs. The experience of people using an entrance on a daily basis is not the same as that of someone who comes just once or from time to time. For example:lobby

  • Many offices have a special area for people with special needs, although the trend now is to integrate them and avoid differentiation
  • Couriers leaving parcels at reception or going directly to an office need special passes to reach the right areas and avoid queues
  • Visitors need to feel that they are receiving special attention as quickly as possible
  • Employees expect a seamless flow to avoid the stress of being late or delayed.

linkedinGates also need to be intuitive, so that different people can use them in different ways. Elevators are increasingly integrated with entrance gates, making tall buildings more efficient and sustainable. The connection between gates and elevators makes the time waiting for elevators shorter and the people working in such enviroments can be more efficient due to less waiting. 

Furthermore, it is important to create a welcoming space. Creating an attractive, friendly environment makes employees happier at work and encourages customers to do business, while improving the corporate image. Therefore it is important that the security is not interfering with the aesthetics of the building and the reception. Entrance gates must constantly adapt to new trends in building design.


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