Security Systems for Commercial Buildings: User-centric Entrance Solutions

Icía García Jove
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In the last of three blog posts on securing commercial buildings, we will look at the integration of security turnstiles into office buildings from an employee and IT point of view.

Employee acceptance of security turnstiles, and how the technology integrates with existing systems and possible future developments, are essential considerations when deciding on the right gate for the area you want to secure.


Technology is changing fast. Artificial Intelligence, facial recognition and biometric access control are likely to change how offices are secured in the short to medium term. Therefore security turnstiles need to be adaptable to new technologies, to avoid the need for expensive replacements.

From a facility manager’s point of view, remote connectivity can add enormous value to an access control system because it enables security to be monitored anywhere and at any time.



For employees, security turnstiles are something that they must pass through every day. It causes frustration if turnstiles don’t work or there is a long queue because they are insufficiently ergonomic.

Decide how to position the card reader, and which type of card to use, can significantly reduce the time it takes to get into the building. For reception and entrance staff, everything must perform smoothly so that they can focus their attention on giving the best possible service to people who need their assistance.

Entrance control systems are an unavoidable part of any office building. They must be reliable, ergonomic, aesthetic and secure.

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This is the last in a series of three blog posts on entrance security for office buildings:


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