6 Entrance Security Systems for Office Buildings

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From tripod turnstiles to security booths, there is a whole spectrum of entrance systems available to control people flow in office buildings.

Security managers for office blocks must regulate entry for employees so that they can seamlessly move into and out of the site, but maintain a level of security which prevents access to unauthorised individuals.

Here are six entrance security alternatives for commercial buildings. You can read about the pros and cons of each system in this Comparison Guide.

Tripod Turnstile


Hand-operated low-height turnstile with electro-mechanical turning tripod hub.

Entrance Gate


Basic security low-height turnstile with motorised column and one or three wings.

Speed Gate


Motorised entrance gate with swing leaves, bi-parting wings or full panel sliding panels.

Full-Height Turnstile


Hand-operated full-height turnstile with electro-mechanical rotor column barrier.

Security Revolving Door


Motorised revolving door for simultaneous entry and exit.

Security Booth


An interlocking set of sliding doors which can be used as an airlock system as well as a high-flow gate with free entry and exit.

Download Comparison Guide to Entrance Systems for Office Buildings

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