Biometric Airports: The End of Security Queues

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Fingerprint and iris scans at airports are becoming commonplace, but the next step is to match a passenger’s face and passport in a process known as the 'One ID concept'.

According to IATA, the International Air Transport Association, One ID enables passengers "to further streamline their journey with a document-free process based on identity management and biometric recognition".

For a number of years now this has been heralded as the end of security queues in ariports, as highlighted by this article by the Independent:

The idea of the all-biometric airport is that once you create a match between your facial characteristics and your passport, you'll be able to proceed through all of the terminal checkpoints without having to exhibit travel documents"

The One ID Concept – the Seamless Passenger Experience

One ID is a transformation programme making identification and boarding pass needless. By enrolling, a passenger's identification and boarding pass are associated to their biometrics, creating a 'single token'. This token will grant the passenger access and passage through all relevant airport touchpoints just by passing biometric sensors.


Putting Biometrics to the Test

Many airports and airlines around the world are starting to invest money in this type of technology and have already been introducing the next level of biometric security:

  • In 2018, Delta Air Lines launched America’s first “biometric terminal” in Atlanta using facial recognition to identify passengers as they proceed through the terminal (The Economist)
  • Also in 2018, AirAsia presented F.A.C.E.S.Malaysia's first facial recognition boarding system (AirAsia)
  • And this month (February 2019), Miami International Airport unveiled a new biometric boarding process using Gunnebo BoardSec OneID automated boarding gates (Miami Herald)

All of these initiatives save time for passengers, helping them to move more quickly and safely onto the plane.

By providing a virtually uninterrupted airport walk-through, the passenger experience will improve. In turn, it will benefit all stakeholders as touchpoint congestion, delays, and passenger frustration are minimised.


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This is an update of a post originally made on August 8, 2017.

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