Why Flow Rate is So Important for Office Entrance Security

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Understanding the flow patterns for your office building when selecting an entrance system will eliminate bottlenecks and prevent queues.

What is Flow Rate?

When you are given the flow rate for an entrance system, this states – on average – how many people would be expected to pass through that system during a certain period of time. The flow rate is normally given in terms of people per minute.

This is useful when comparing one entrance system with another. A security revolving door, for example, has a much better flow rate than a security booth, but half the flow rate of a speed gate.



Find Out the Flow Rate Needed for Your Office Building

Critical to selecting the right entrance solution for your site is knowing how many people enter and exit your building – and at what times.

Miscalculating throughput negatively impacts on efficiency

Analyse the flow patterns and understand how the throughput rises and falls during the day. The peaks come at the start of business, at the end of the day and during lunch hours.entrance-security-office-flow-rate

This will ensure that you install enough entrances with the right flow rate to cope with the number of people moving into and out of your building. Getting this wrong will result in queues and complaints.

Measure Under Real-Life Conditions

You should also consider that the speed at which people pass through an entrance security system is impacted by the type of identification method chosen and the ease with which individuals can authenticate themselves.

That is why it is smart to measure flow rate in real-life, rather than preparing a team of testers to use the entrance system. In reality people take time to find their ID, sometimes stand blocking the gate while they search for their badge and can fumble with their pass.

Also take into account how you will provide extra space for disabled access. There is an accepted width of 50-66cm for standard entrance lanes and 90-94cm for wheelchair lanes.

Understanding the flow patterns for your site is important when selecting an entrance security system, but it is not the only factor to consider. There are eight further key areas and you can read about them here in this Introduction to Entrance Security for Offices. 

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