What Retailers Need to Know About EAS Technology

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There are several different electronic article surveillance technologies used for the prevention of shoplifting. Here is a short guide to which items each technology is most suited to protecting.

For a full introduction to EAS loss prevention technology, download our PDF Quick Guide to Electronic Article Surveillance.

EAS Technologies

There are three types of electronic article surveillance (EAS) system:what-is-eas-eas-tech.png

Radio Frequency (RF)

RF technology is the most common type of EAS system and is widely used by fashion retailers.

However, the high frequency signals it uses makes it unsuitable for protecting liquids and metal items which effectively weaken the signal and prevent the alarm from triggering. For these types of products, AM or EM technology is preferred.


Acousto-Magnetic (AM)

AM antennas have a wider detection area than other types of system which makes them ideal for larger shop entrances.

Since AM technology works on a lower frequency than RF, it is perfect for use with liquids and metallic objects as there is no disruption of the signal.


Electromagnetic (EM)

EM technology is a niche solution used almost exclusively by libraries.

It has the advantage of using small, thin adhesive labels which can be deactivated and reactivated.


The discreet security labels are read by a security scanner, allowing books to be checked out on deactivation and then later checked back in when the EM label is reactivated.

Download Guide to Electronic Article Surveillance

Read more about Electronic Article Surveillance solutions on the Gunnebo Gateway website.

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