What is Electronic Article Surveillance?

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EAS is a tried and tested method of minimising the billions in losses retailers make every year as a result of shoplifting. Here is a summary of how electronic article surveillance works.

For a full introduction to EAS loss prevention technology, download our PDF Quick Guide to Electronic Article Surveillance.

What is EAS?

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a “tag-and-alarm” system for preventing shoplifting.

The tag is attached to an item of clothing or merchandise. On purchase this tag is either removed or deactivated.

what-is-eas.pngIf the tag has not been removed or deactivated when the item is taken out of the store, then special antennas placed in the store exit will sound an alarm.

EAS Antennas

Antennas work by sending a signal backwards and forwards across a store exit.

One antenna operates as the transmitter and sends the signal out while another antenna on the other side of the exit operates as the receiver and listens for that signal.

what-is-eas-antennas.pngIf a tag or label passes through this signal, an alarm sounds.

Different EAS Technologies

There are three types of EAS systems on the market: radio frequency (RF), acousto-magnetic (AM) and electromagnetic (EM).

what-is-eas-eas-tech.pngEach technology has its own characteristics and is suited to the protection of particular types of product. For example, RF labels should not be used to tag bottles of liquid and EM works with reactivable tags making it the perfect choice for libraries.

Download Guide to Electronic Article Surveillance

Read more about Electronic Article Surveillance solutions on the Gunnebo Gateway website.

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