Quick Guide: EAS Tags and Labels

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Tags and labels are an integral part of any EAS (electronic article surveillance) system. Here is a quick guide for retailers on the alternatives.



Often referred to as “hard tags”, these are attached most commonly to garments and are removed by shop staff on purchase using special detachers. Hard tags are attached to a garment using a pin.

Tags with Ink


Some hard tags also contain small cartridges of ink which will permanently stain a garment when tampered with. These tags increase the level of deterrence.

You can read more about EAS in the posts What is Electronic Article Surveillance? and What Retailers Need to Know About EAS Technology.

Bottle Tags


Hard tags designed specifically to fit around the neck of a bottle of spirits.



To contrast with “hard tags”, these are also referred to as “soft labels” and come in various shapes and sizes. They are stuck onto packaged items and deactivated on purchase using a special pad.

Self-Alarming Tags


These types of tags trigger an alarm in the same way as normal tags but they will also raise an alarm if they are tampered with – either inside or outside of a store.

Multigrip or Spider Wrap Tags


These tags are attached to an item using wires which are wrapped around the product. If the tag is tampered with or one of the wires is cut, then the tag self-alarms. When carried out of the store, the tag will also trigger the antenna alarm.

These are typically used for boxed, high-value items which are on display such as electronics, power tools or video games.



Clear plastic boxes used to enclose razor blades or expensive items. Since the box itself is not alarmed and will not trigger an alarm, safers have an AM or RF label stuck to the inside of the plastic box.

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