Lockdown Solutions: Visit our Virtual Showroom

Max Shuter
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At the core of our business is keeping people safe. Gunnebo has taken stringent measures against Covid-19, minimising – or eliminating altogether – risks to our employees, business partners, and the wider society.

But lockdown does not mean shutdown. You might be avoiding travel and face-to-face meetings, but you can still experience our Entrance Control Solutions in a way that begins to do them justice.

Welcome to our virtual showroom! This is an interactive version of our facility at Maresfield in the south of England.




Captured in high-definition 3D, you can tour the showroom at your leisure, stopping to investigate whatever takes your interest. And no need to wear a mask or disinfect your hands.

The virtual showroom includes our full range of products, covering:

If you see something that catches your eye, just click for more information.

Start your tour here!


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