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One ID brings all stakeholders together in a streamlined and smooth ID process for efficient travelling and airport passage.

The face. Each one is unique. “Biometric” facial recognition technology turns the face into a travel document, enabling a passenger to enter and leave an airport with neither a physical boarding pass nor a passport.

To maximise the potential of biometric security measures in airports, airlines are working on a new platform for traveller data, called “One ID”.

By introducing a streamlined process, One ID can “liberate the industry from a century of accumulated legacies”, Alexandre de Juniac, head of IATA, the International Air Transport Association, said in June 2019.

With One ID, passengers will no longer be subject to repetitive document checks from check-in to the departure gate 

“Air travellers have told us that they are willing to share personal information if it removes some of the hassle from air travel – as long as that information is kept secure and not misused.”

One ID is a make-or-break solution for an industry bracing itself for a doubling of passenger numbers in the next 20 years.

It relies on a framework in which all collaborating stakeholders store, share, and reuse passenger information in a common Identity Management Platform – all based on the passenger’s face.

One Id  framework

It thereby brings all stakeholders together in a streamlined and smooth ID process for efficient travel and airport passage.

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One ID therefore offers a range of benefits – some obvious, some less so – for passengers, airlines, airports and governments.

To explain the concept and its advantages, Gunnebo has produced a brief and clear brochure on One ID, which is free to download.

Gunnebo’s Entrance Control solutions contribute to improving airport efficiency through fast and secure passage. Our solutions are implemented in Airports all over the world.

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