How to Get More Out of CCTV

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CCTV is a popular loss prevention tool but are retailers really using it to its full potential?

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is most commonly used for video surveillance. In stores, its presence has long been an effective method of preventing shoplifting.

But beyond this, CCTV can bring a lot more to store operations. Here are some tips on how to make your CCTV system work harder.

Queue Management

Long queues are frequently listed as the most likely reason for customers not to return to a store. CCTV and people counting software can help remove this irritation for shoppers.


Video queue monitoring, which is also used by airports and theme parks, allows retailers to track queue lengths and current waiting times. 

This not only helps retailers react to long queues, but also predict when more staff are needed to help customers.

Customer footfall patterns are surprisingly consistent over time so resource planning can be made much more effective. And in the event of an unexpected rush, if a store manager knows how many customers entered the shop 15 minutes ago, staff will be prepared to deal with the extra people.

Customer Behaviour

CCTV can also be used to generate heat maps to show the most frequently visited areas of a store and how long customers have spent in one place.


This is incredibly valuable data for measuring the efficacy of displays, advertising and other campaigns.



CCTV is much more powerful when connected to other security systems.

IP technology allows cameras to share data with storage and processing devices, for example. When combined with facial recognition software, retailers can use CCTV for advanced access control for employees and suppliers.

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