How to Eliminate Security Gaps at the Lobby

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As well as creating that significant first impression, reception areas play an important role in office security. But is your front desk up to the job?

For most visitors and staff, the reception area is the entry point to an office building. Therefore it has to be both welcoming and provide the required level of entrance control.

Here is a checklist of points to consider when addressing office reception security.

Reception Security Checklist


checklist-tickbox.jpg Make sure there is an area where visitors can register and have their credentials checked before being given a pass to enter the building

Use automated entrance control gates to prevent non-authorised individuals from passing beyond the reception area

checklist-tickbox.jpg Ensure the entrance gates are configurable to accept those methods of identification used within the building
checklist-tickbox.jpg There may be times when additional screening equipment is required — often as a temporary measure — so make allowances for space
checklist-tickbox.jpg Find entrance control gates with a look which complements the architecture of the reception area — they should add to the overall design, not detract from it
checklist-tickbox.jpg Minimise any design features in the reception area which block lines of sight
checklist-tickbox.jpg Whenever the reception is open, ensure someone is present and visible
checklist-tickbox.jpg Maintain a tidy reception area which is easy to search and where foreign items cannot be easily hidden from view
checklist-tickbox.jpg Make sure all reception staff understand the procedures for security in that area and know how to act in the event of an emergency


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