How to Compare Entrance Security Flow Rates (Free Guide)

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Each type of entrance control system manages a different level of throughput so to find the right solution for your office building, it helps to compare flow rates.

The flow rate measures how many people pass through a given entrance system in one minute. You can read more about what flow rate is and how to measure it in this post, Why Flow Rate is So Important for Office Entrance Security

Comparing Flow Rate by Entrance System

There are six main entrance security alternatives for office buildings ranging from tripod turnstiles to security booths. 

Relative to one another, here's how they stack up in terms of people flow:


The relative flow rates of different entrance security systems for office buildings



High Flow Rate



Speed gates (up to 60 people per minute) 


Flow Rate



Security revolving doors (up to 48 people per minute)


Medium Flow Rate



Tripod turnstiles, full-height turnstiles 


Flow Rate



Entrance gates


Low Flow Rate



Security booths


You can read more about the pros and cons of each alternative — including security levels, detection capabilities and level of required investment — in this Comparison Guide to Entrance Systems for Office Buildings.

Download Comparison Guide to Entrance Systems for Office Buildings

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