How CCTV Saves Money, Minutes and Manpower

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A properly designed CCTV security system helps protect people, property and premises as well as saving money, minutes and manpower.

Statistics released in the UK by the police state that “85% of burglars avoid properties with an intruder alarm or CCTV security system”.

So for businesses without the correct security in place, it is more a case of when they will be affected by burglary rather than if.

Analogue vs Digital CCTV Cameras


Electronic security systems can be divided into analogue and digital IP set-ups.

Despite being an older technology, analogue CCTV cameras are still widely used as they are often seen as the more cost-effective solution.

The cameras capture an analogue video signal which is transferred to a digital video recorder (DVR) where is it then converted to digital and compressed.

The lower resolution of analogue cameras makes monitoring and identifying intruders relatively difficult, especially where there is low light.

IP camerason the other hand, have a resolution which is many times higher, can zoom over greater distances and record moving objects more clearly.

They convert the analogue image they capture directly inside the camera and transfer the digital stream to a network video recorder over a local area network.

Build, Adapt and Integrate


Within a digital security system it is much easier to integrate a variety of modules.

There are three main building blocks of an effective integrated electronic security system:

icon_049_surveillancecameras.png CCTV
icon_053_accesscontrolsystems.png Access Control
icon_054_intrusiondetectionsystems.png Intrusion Detection

And once in place, adding video analytics software to this foundation greatly enhances detection capabilities.

It processes live video in real time and will automatically monitor multiple channels simultaneously.

Video analytics offers features such as:

  • Motion detection
  • Face recognition
  • Automatic registration plate recognition
  • Detection of unattended objects and object tracking
  • Scene-change detection
  • People counting and tracking

Protect the 3 P's

A professionally installed electronic security system for site surveillance and monitoring helps protect the 3 P's:

3Ps-people.png People

Easier to recruit and retain staff

3Ps-property.png Property

Valuables, assets and equipment kept safe from theft

3Ps-premises.png Premises

Minimal disruption to the business

Save on the 3 M's

An effective and properly designed security system also helps to maintain focus on core activities and streamline resource allocation resulting in savings on the 3 M's:

3Ms-money.png Money

Lower business liability and property insurance premiums

3Ms-minutes.png Minutes

Reduced operational costs and improved process control

3Ms-manpower.png Manpower

Less resources, such as security guards, required

Choose a Suitable System

There are many set-ups, so take time to first assess the threats to your site and identify where it is most vulnerable.

Then you can be sure of choosing a security system which not only protects your business but also makes you savings.

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