The Benefits of Combining Access Control and Ticket Validation

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Egeskov Castle, in Denmark is using speed gates as a combined access control and ticket validation solution to improve the customer experience and reduce its administrative costs

One of the region's most popular tourist attractions, Egeskov Castle has stood on the southern Danish island of Funen for over 450 years. Annually it attracts a quarter of a million visitors between April and October each year.



Finding the Best Entrance Solution

Egeskov Castle wanted to replace its existing turnstiles with a more modern and efficient entrance solution.

The new solution needed to ensure smooth entry and exit for visitors even during peak times. Integrated ticket readers were required to handle day passes as well as season tickets and optimise daily operations at the tourist attraction.

Integrated Access Control, Ticket Validation and Bookkeeping

Today Egeskov Castle has a complete entrance solution for access control integrated with its ticketing and financial system using Gunnebo SpeedStiles. These speed gates are fully compatible with all types of software platforms used for ticket validation and automatic bookkeeping.




In line with Egeskov Castle’s specifications, the speed gates have an integrated ticket scanner which has been designed in stainless steel. The barcode reader is positioned to ensure the most accurate and effective scanning of tickets, even if visitors present their ticket from different heights.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

For visitors to the castle, there is now a clear, user-friendly entrance system which
has made long queues a thing of the past.

Egeskov Castle is an historical attraction but we are also a modern business. The solution from Gunnebo has given us a visual lift and has also improved security.” Henrik Neelmeyer (CEO, Egeskov Slot)



The integration of the new speed gates means that data about tickets and annual passes is shared with Egeskov’s financial software, which is a significant benefit.

"Our administrative burden has been made lighter and we now benefit from a single software platform for ticketing and bookkeeping." Henrik Neelmeyer (CEO, Egeskov Slot)

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