7 Reasons to Choose Security Revolving Doors

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Security revolving doors are a popular and highly effective entrance control option for commercial buildings and high-risk sites. Here are 7 reasons they could be right for you.


1. A Sophisticated Detection System

Security revolving doors offer excellent single-person detection (SPD) using highly reliable sensors which can tell if more than one person has entered the same section of the revolving door at the same time.

This prevents all fraudulent attempts at entry or exit, such as piggybacking or tailgating. Sensors also ensure the prevention of wrong way entry and exit.

Anti-piggybacking sensors have become more advanced

The best detection systems are calibrated so that they are not affected by the size of a person, the position of the person in the booth or by someone carrying a large amount of luggage.

2. True Certified Security

A security revolving door seals entry and exit to areas extremely effectively. However, always check with your security provider whether the product offers the proper certified resistance. A good security revolving door will have a certification for protection against ballistic and blast attacks.


Certification Standards for Security Revolving Doors

EN 1627  Attack resistance — graded by resistance class (RC)

EN 1063  Ballistic resistance (BR) for glass

EN 16005  Safety for public use (see point 7)


Make sure that this is legitimate product certification and not simply a test lab certificate. The product delivered should be stamped by an accredited certification body (such as ICIM) and should carry an authorised product certificate. It should also carry an expiry date. The lack of an expiry date is normally a clue that the certificate is not properly valid.

3. Simultaneous Entry and Exit

Security revolving doors can offer bi-directional traffic which is electronically controllable. This is not available from all products on the market as often the door can be set to either entry or exit, but not both.

However, more advanced models are able to manage both entry and exit simultaneously, allowing for greater throughput.

4. An (Almost) Unrivalled Flow Rate

Of all the entrance security alternatives for office buildings, from tripod turnstiles to security booths, security revolving doors have one of the highest flow rates.



At up to 48 people per minute, security revolving doors boast a rate only speed gates can better.


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5. A Finish to Suit All Buildings

In terms of design, security revolving doors come in a range of materials and finishes with a good level of customisation available.

This ensures that you will be able to install an entrance control solution which not only fits in with the existing architectural design of your building, but also enhances it.

BIM-object-revolving-doorExample of a security revolving door represented as a 3D BIM object

To facilitate the design process, good security providers will have their various styles of security revolving door available for download as BIM objects. A BIM (Building Information Modelling) object is a 3D representation of a building element which is compatible for use in architectural planning software.

6. Semi-External or Internal Installation

A security revolving door can be installed semi-externally into the entrance of a building (with half of the door outdoors and the other half indoors) or 100% internally.

7. Reliable Safety

As an entrance system, a security revolving door should be compliant — and certified — with the relevant safety standards for pedestrian equipment.

The relevant standard in terms of safety for revolving doors in public use is EN 16005

As with resistance certification, check with your security provider that the product you are buying meets the correct safety requirements. 

Typical features include safety edges which will stop the door rotating if an obstruction is detected.

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