6 Steps to Choosing the Right Access Solution for Your Office

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Here are the top six factors commercial buildings should consider when making a decision about entrance security.


6 Steps to Selecting the Right Office Entrance Solution

1. Security

2. Flow Rate

3. Design

4. Return on Investment

5. Safety

6. Training



1. Security

Make sure you understand not only the physical security an entrance solution provides but also the detection features it offers.

Ask your security provider the following questions:

  • Is there single person detection to prevent tailgating and piggybacking?
  • Are there anti-passback functions?
  • To what extent can different access control systems be integrated?

2. Flow Rate

The flow rate measures how many people can pass through an entrance system in one minute. Find out what the peak flow rate is for your site and ask for a solution which is reliable enough to manage that level of throughput.

Meeting security and flow rate requirements is often a balancing act since the higher the security, the lower the throughput. So analyse the flow patterns specific to your office building to ensure you get the right mix.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does the flow rate rise and fall during a normal working day?
  • Do I need to allow for bidirectional passage?
  • How do I provide disabled access or access for large items?

3. Design

An entrance security system should add to the overall look and feel of an office building, not detract from it, so look for a solution where the design can be customised.

A 3D configurator is an excellent tool for giving you a real picture of the architectural impact an entrance system will have and will also allow you to test different options.

Ask your security provider the following questions:

  • Which elements are customisable and which are standard?
  • What finishing options are there in terms of material and colour?
  • Are there lighting effects?
  • What is the footprint?









4. Return on Investment

Ask your security provider for an ROI calculation. This takes into account the initial cost of the entrance system offset against potential savings from any of the following:

  • Long product lifecycle
  • Uptime and product reliability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Replacement or reduction of staff presence

5. Safety

It is important that your entrance solution is safe for staff and visitors to use and meets all the required standards.

Ask your security provider the following questions:

  • Is the solution compliant with local regulations?
  • Does it have an emergency setting for safe evacuation?
  • Are there anti-panic options?

6. Training

Once installed, technical and operational training for staff on how the entrance system works is important for its successful use.

Consider the complexity of the entrance system and how easy it will be for staff to learn how to use it. If it is a new type of system with which staff are not familiar, then allow more time for training.

Ask your security provider the following questions:

  • Do you provide technical training?
  • Do you provide how-to guides so that staff can help the end user?
  • Do you offer online or hands-on training sessions?

For further information and advice please download our free PDF guide:

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